Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the sounds of delay

bleh. i'm ready to get this listening room tour thingee going, but it's rainy and windy and everything's delayed out of o'hare today, including my flight to oklahoma city. the sounds of the airport are predictable, and relentless:

- CNN headline news / how BOUT that boy scout-saving dog gandolf?!
- the dept. of homeland security still has a thing for orange
- beep. beep. (higher tone) beep. beep. (low tone) beep.
- ringtones. could post an entire essay about cell phone ringtones. but am not about to.
- in case you haven't been paying attention lately, smoking's prohibited in the airport. this is a very popular announcement.
- the phone at gate G3's check-in counter keeps ringing, with news of further delay, i'm sure.

and can't quite hear it, but the SENSE of frustration and defeat amongst fellow travelers is palpable. everyone's gloomy, and i can already hear the collective groan that the next flight status update announcement will inspire.

(after typing that, while looking for an eye-catching 'flight delay' image, a flight to nashville was cancelled, at which point the expected collective groan was replaced with a collective gasp of disbelief.)

time to wander...apparently there's an art gallery in here somewhere...

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