Monday, February 27, 2006

favorite (chgo) sounds wanted

there's an excellent project afoot in chicago right now. sound artist peter cusack is collecting information about chicagoans' favorite sounds, and will be creating a cd from recordings made of top choices revealed through a simple poll. the project has also descended upon london and beijing so we're in fine company here.

the point of all of this is "to build up an overall sonic idea of what people find positive about the ever-changing sound of their cities."
what a great idea - of course you want to participate.

just take a few moments to read the following questions, gaze out the window at the tree, and think about:

- What is your favourite Chicago sound and why?
- What is your favourite sounding place in Chicago and why?
- What is your favourite Chicago sight? (view, building, object, etc.) and why?

then send your answers and this information:

- Your Name
- Area of Chicago where you live

to jesse seay, who is working on the project with cusack and is also the producer of the likes to do other things podcast. you should also contact jesse if you have any interest in doing some recording for the project.

happy favoring...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

endless why

usually my messages here are audio-inspired but this one's more generally relevant:

check out the film "why we fight," coming soon to a theater near you. it's been a long time since i've been so inspired and thankful.

p.s. spread the word...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

6LISSENUP6 - sunday/march 5

things have been complicated over here, but i'm happy to finally report: it's time for LISSENUP6. this time we'll be listening to a radio play from 1942 written by kenneth patchen and scored by john cage and a couple other memorable treats. this time we'll be at a new location and munching happily on donut holes while our ears are filled with wondrous, at-times-puzzling, provocative sounds. this time i encourage you to bring audio-loving friends because space is no longer an issue. no need to rsvp - just show up, ok?

sunday march 5, from 11am - 1pm (NOTE! this is an earlier-in-the-day LISSENUP)

corbett vs. dempsey / 1120 n. ashland in chicago
(above the dusty groove record store)

what you should bring: donut holes, if you feel like contributing to the spread, your own beverage of choice, something soft to sit upon (or a chair)

some of the topics addressed in the audio pieces that will be shared at LISSENUP6:

- the messiah
- celery

- john denver
- silence

i can try to answer them.

[thanks muchly to jim and john at corbett vs. dempsey for inviting LISSENUP over]

Friday, February 10, 2006

pass the popcorn...quietly

craving a weekend getaway complete with the opportunities to watch excellent documentary films, attend a dance party in a bakery and hear a smattering of memorable radio stories? you're in luck. the true/false film festival is coming up february 23 -26 in columbia, mo. and i can say with authority that it's worth the drive, regardless of your starting point.

i attended last year and will be returning with third coast festival colleagues to present a 'screening' of radio stories in the cozy ragtag cinema as part of the festival program. ticket and pass prices are reasonable, the staff and volunteers are the friendliest people imaginable and the whole city of columbia embraces this festival with open arms. i can't even imagine a better excuse for a roadtrip.

and by the way,
let's hear it for film people who also champion the power of audio storytelling!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

murmuring canadians

i've taken a few trips to toronto in the past few years, and have become increasingly enamored with the place, even though most canadians i meet assure me i'd love montreal way more. one of my favorite memories includes a falafel shop that's open all night and wears bright lime green paint on its walls. this may not sound so appetizing, but we feasted for about $4 USD. i also have a distinct memory of a midnight tofu hotdog purchased from a street vendor in the pouring rain. oh, the selection of toppings - from relishes to onions to who knows what was in that last container on the end, the one that practically glowed yellow.

and i've noticed that toronto's one of the most photogenic places i've ever wandered around. there are beautiful, quiet glimpses all over the place, just waiting for someone to the box of zippers i couldn't pass by without pulling out my camera.

speaking of 'recording the moment'... there's an audio project out there called [murmur] that collects audio stories from different toronto neighborhoods. it welcomes stories from whoever has them, incorporating them into a nice looking website. [murmer] also travels around and collaborates with various festivals through installations and audio tours.

hmm. wonder if they want my tofu-hotdog-in-the-rain story...