Friday, February 22, 2008

the only reason...

thanks to the magic of the internet (in a few ways) a piece i produced, er, four years ago (for the outer ear festival) recently aired on KFAI in minneapolis.

'the only reason you and i are here' is basically a sonic homage to the public parks of chicago, and the ubiquitous ice cream trucks that troll through them at all hours. it was broadcast on the listening lounge - a weekly half-hour show that features documentaries and such, and makes a case for surprises on the radio. (good on 'em.) you can stream the piece, along with the short interview that host todd melby conducted with me beforehand, and wherein i likened 'the only reason' to a mosh pit, here.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

phew / sniff

an article by charles mcgrath in this morning's new york times suggests that PBS's relevance in the world has steadily declined as public radio's has risen. good news for those of us chugging away in the radio trenches, but a sad truth that such a mighty Force For Good is ailing so. i imagine the article will especially tug on the heartstrings of those of those still obsessed with childhood favorites.


wait. isn't that all of us? the mention of the PBS's impact on and contribution to kiddo-tv is noticeably absent in mcgrath's argument. so while i agree with and can celebrate his observations about radio's resilience and ever-growing popularity, and it's true that i watch zero TV (besides catching up on wildly successful HBO series years after the fact) i'm irked by this omission.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

listen to the astrospies*

if you happen to be watching PBS tonight and happen to catch astrospies you may happen to notice how beautifully scored the program is. this is because radio producer / sound designer jonathan mitchell is responsible for all of what you're hearing.

let's hope this is the beginning of a new phase in television's history, in which talented radio peoples are oft-employed (and heartily compensated) to enhance viewers' watching experiences via their ears - enough so they come to understand the endless and lovely potential for audio salvation, and turn to the airwaves with renewed enthusiasm and vigor. let's hope.

*vague and impulsive reference to the title and refrain from a catchy but lesser-known monkees tune that's often roaming around in my head: listen to the band. a shining moment for michael nesmith.

i was quite a fan, back in seventh grade.

[listen to the song]

update of update!
[listen to cover of the song]
or at least note that it exists. then listen to the original again.