Sunday, March 11, 2007

sea lions and tortoises and flightless cormorants, oh my

the national geographic channel is about to broadcast a tv documentary about the galapagos islands, and to pre-promote the special they've built a small website with a basic overview of the geology, flora and wildlife found in the region. in addition to stunning photos (no surprise there) they've also posted field recordings by the venerable chris watson, which you should listen to with a good set of headphones.

here's the basic link - once you get there click on "launch site." i recommend you skip the opening video and get right in there. you can control the audio at the bottom right of your screen.

as you might have suspected, the animal above is NOT a giant tortoise from the galapagos islands, but rather a picture i took of peter, my sister's very charismatic pet turtle, when i was visiting her in philadelphia a few weeks ago. i'm enjoying listening to watson's recordings and pretending the tortoise grunts are coming from peter.

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Tim said...

Wow, those recordings are astonishing. Even streaming over the web, I felt pulled through the wires to Galapagos.