Thursday, March 01, 2007

get your capes on

further evidence that things are changing in the world of public radio...

the public radio exchange, with the help of a grant from the corporation for public broadcasting, has just launched the public radio talent quest - an american idol-esque contest that hopes to flush out the next radio rock star from the millions of listeners Out There who just might have what it takes. think you've got a shot? then get busy refining your 'hostiness' capabilites, and give it a go.

if the thought of speaking into a microphone terrifies you, or if you're generally opinionated about what you like and dislike, you can instead help decide who's got the chops to become the next radio rock star. Sign up to help judge the submissions.

p.s. what's up with 'get your capes on?' every time i hear the word quest i think of capes. mine would be orange.

disclaimer: i'm a judge for this thing.

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