Sunday, March 18, 2007

portable listening room

i've just replaced my trusted old grey duffel bag, ordered from an l.l.bean catalogue (?!) fifteen years ago, with a rolly suitcase [somewhere between rust and orange - the color of my childhood bedroom actually - my dear parents tried to approximate a horse stable as best they could] that will fit in the overhead compartment on a plane. for some unfathomable reason i'd held out all this time, despite the fact that i probably fly with carry-on luggage 8-10 times a year. after sprinting the entire length of o'hare a couple weekends ago clutching that duffel bag in a clumsy, strained bear hug, i'd decided it was time for wheels.

so i found the above-mentioned fine item at a discount luggage store just in time for next week's adventures in the southwest. the third coast festival listening room is touring! which means from march 21-24 i'll be presenting a bunch of our favorite radio stories to a room full (we hope) of radio producers, audio fans, people just like YOU, in three cities - oklahoma city (march 21), austin (march 22) and houston (march 23 and 24). this is the rock band tour i never got to take Back In The Day, complete with merch to sell, sound checks and radio documentary encores.

ok, i'm not really anticipating any encores demanded. but i DO like the sound of 'radio documentary encores.' and will be armed with a few appropriate audio gems, just in case.

hey, if you happen to live in any of those places, hope you'll consider coming out for the show, or if you know someone living in any of those places, hope you'll pass this information along. it's going to be fun, i swear.

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