Monday, February 27, 2006

favorite (chgo) sounds wanted

there's an excellent project afoot in chicago right now. sound artist peter cusack is collecting information about chicagoans' favorite sounds, and will be creating a cd from recordings made of top choices revealed through a simple poll. the project has also descended upon london and beijing so we're in fine company here.

the point of all of this is "to build up an overall sonic idea of what people find positive about the ever-changing sound of their cities."
what a great idea - of course you want to participate.

just take a few moments to read the following questions, gaze out the window at the tree, and think about:

- What is your favourite Chicago sound and why?
- What is your favourite sounding place in Chicago and why?
- What is your favourite Chicago sight? (view, building, object, etc.) and why?

then send your answers and this information:

- Your Name
- Area of Chicago where you live

to jesse seay, who is working on the project with cusack and is also the producer of the likes to do other things podcast. you should also contact jesse if you have any interest in doing some recording for the project.

happy favoring...

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