Friday, February 10, 2006

pass the popcorn...quietly

craving a weekend getaway complete with the opportunities to watch excellent documentary films, attend a dance party in a bakery and hear a smattering of memorable radio stories? you're in luck. the true/false film festival is coming up february 23 -26 in columbia, mo. and i can say with authority that it's worth the drive, regardless of your starting point.

i attended last year and will be returning with third coast festival colleagues to present a 'screening' of radio stories in the cozy ragtag cinema as part of the festival program. ticket and pass prices are reasonable, the staff and volunteers are the friendliest people imaginable and the whole city of columbia embraces this festival with open arms. i can't even imagine a better excuse for a roadtrip.

and by the way,
let's hear it for film people who also champion the power of audio storytelling!!!

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