Sunday, February 19, 2006

6LISSENUP6 - sunday/march 5

things have been complicated over here, but i'm happy to finally report: it's time for LISSENUP6. this time we'll be listening to a radio play from 1942 written by kenneth patchen and scored by john cage and a couple other memorable treats. this time we'll be at a new location and munching happily on donut holes while our ears are filled with wondrous, at-times-puzzling, provocative sounds. this time i encourage you to bring audio-loving friends because space is no longer an issue. no need to rsvp - just show up, ok?

sunday march 5, from 11am - 1pm (NOTE! this is an earlier-in-the-day LISSENUP)

corbett vs. dempsey / 1120 n. ashland in chicago
(above the dusty groove record store)

what you should bring: donut holes, if you feel like contributing to the spread, your own beverage of choice, something soft to sit upon (or a chair)

some of the topics addressed in the audio pieces that will be shared at LISSENUP6:

- the messiah
- celery

- john denver
- silence

i can try to answer them.

[thanks muchly to jim and john at corbett vs. dempsey for inviting LISSENUP over]

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