Monday, March 13, 2006

suppression impossible

the vicious head cold that everyone claimed would last 72 hours is now in its fifth day, finally receding. what gives? it was beautiful in chicago this past weekend, which i spent mostly in bed listening to the world go by outside my open (for the first time all year) window. in case you missed it, this past weekend the world sounded like kids shrieking and kids cursing at each other and various snatches of radio as cars drove by, pretending to halt at the stop sign, and a few arguments which might have qualified as 'heated' and silly birds who were already singing, hopefully, about the new season and ringing cell phones and boastful car alarms. and then the rain started so the tires began swooshing and we had a few really great thunderclaps which sent the cat scurrying around mindlessly, inside, and someone, somewhere, got a good laugh at that, i'm sure. and i've never been so thankful for something as technologically ridiculous as kleenex with aloe and vitamin e.

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