Sunday, January 01, 2006

wanted: home recordings

turns out if you do a google image search for 'happy new year horse' you get a whopping 241 depictions to choose from. here's my favorite crappy, pixelated happy new years greeting with a horse and a bad font choice.

i missed the opportunity to share information about two excellent new years day radio broadcasts earlier today, and so while it's not exactly a resolution, i have reminded myself that there's a reason i started this blog thingy, and so i intend to be a bit more diligent about actually posting to it on a more regular basis. with that - i offer the following opportunity (thanks joan) and urge you to participate.

may 2006 treat your ears well.

Home Recording - Send us your Home Recording by January 12

As part of an upcoming exhibition/ project to take place in Curitiba Brazil, Octavio Camargo & Brandon LaBelle are collecting recordings of people's homes from around the city. These recordings will form the basis for an installation at Ybakatu Gallery, which formerly was the home of the gallery owner, where she lived and grew up through the 70s & 80s.

To further the project we are inviting the contribution of audio Home Recordings from around the globe: we'll collect these and make them available on CD-R to gallery visitors, as well as incorporate them into a radio broadcast we will be making during the time of the exhibition in Curitiba. We welcome your Home Recording!

*Send final recordings (duration: preferably 1 - 5 minutes) before January 12th to:
Home Recordings can be made through various approaches, from ambient soundscapes during breakfast to single sounds. We welcome your interpretation of this idea.

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