Friday, January 13, 2006

art's got a birthday too - january 17th

sure, it's tough enough remembering your friends' or family members' birthdays (sorry, lew!), but here's another date you may want to file away somewhere - january 17 - the official birthday of the phenomenon commonly known (though not easily defined) as "art." according to french artist robert filliou, at some point art didn't exist, and then one did. this happened to occur in the month of january, on the 17th in fact. filliou proposed this theory in 1963, suggesting that hence forth the day be marked by birthday celebrations for art worldwide, and indeed ever since artists everywhere have been planning various performances and festivities to commemorate the day.

there are so many ways to celebrate art's birthday. in case you're having some trouble coming up with something, here are a few suggestions: you can cook a tasty meal and set a plate for art or you can take a long walk like these folks or you can tune into a stream of sound "presents" for art or you can even drop a piano off a building. however you choose to do it, know that you're not alone - art fans all over the world are celebrating too.

happy birthday, art!

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