Thursday, January 19, 2006

so you want to build a recording studio...

there's a lot of interest out there in making audio stories and working in radio these days, and now, more than ever before, setting up your own home studio is a very realistic thing to consider. while an expensive college education followed by years spent slaving away as an intern until you finally, finally score the job you think you've always wanted is _one_ way to pursue a career in radio... is sharing enough information to get you started and well on your way toward audio storytelling, all within the relative proximity of the cookie jar on your kitchen counter.

transom's an invaluable research in general, for anybody with a curious brain that's especially inclined toward dialogue and the exploration of new work for the airwaves or the Internet. there's also a lot of specific information about equipment (model comparisons and 'reviews' of different machines) and considering the number of questions i get about this sort of thing (which i can rarely answer sufficiently myself) i'm super grateful it's there to share with others.

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