Sunday, January 29, 2006

Especially Super Soundopportunity

a few posts ago (time is a curious measure in blog-land) dealt with how to build a recording studio in the comfort of your own home, but perhaps you'd like not only access to technology but also a little bit more in the guidance/support category. if this is the case and you happen to live in the chicagoland region you should most definitely check out the Experimental Sound Studio's 2006 Artists in Residency program.

the program is open to sonic artsis and 'non-sonic' artists alike, so don't think that just because you've never dabbled with a microphone or pro tools session you're not eligible. this is an opportunity for sound artists but also for anyone working in another field or medium to take the plunge and pick up that microphone. or open that pro tools session. [but it's kind of like you'd be wearing water wings. remember those?]

proposals will be accepted from march 1 - april 15.
download an application and guidelines here.

good luck. we expect great things from you.

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