Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the sound of bodies dropping - later, nov 11

...from exhaustion, that is. come out to hear/watch/participate as dozens of intrepid and fearless danceaholics gun for the winners' circle at the they shoot shorts, don't they dance marathon this weekend. the evening's a benefit to raise funds for the premier season of the chicago short film brigade, which is new to chicago, promises to deliver quarterly doses of 'uncommon short films for regular people,' and is bound for legendary status (given the natural fire and grace of its founder) soon enough. why not tell your grandchildren you were there at the beginning?

the benefit also includes a silent auction, with such treasures as a bundle of small press goodness from
featherproof books, a dozen bottles of fancy olive oil and vinegars from o olive oil and a certificate for southern-style banana pudding lovingly cooked by the captivating chanteuse kelly hogan. i'm offering one-time services as an oral historian / audio documentarian to anyone who thinks this is missing from his/her life, but have no idea what the actual worth of such an item might be. starting bid, anyone?

so grab your most durable dancing shoes and make your way on over to the hideout (1354 w. wabansia, chicago) this saturday (november 11) to show your love for short film, good taste and endurance sports. registration for the dance derby is from 8 - 8:45; the dancing starts at 9 pm sharp.

(i'll meet you on the dance floor for the rumsfeld resignation rhumba.)

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