Thursday, November 02, 2006

more about versus - nov 11

next weekend the third coast festival is presenting a listening event in conjunction with the 17th annual chicago humanities festival. the CHF has programmed over two weeks of pretty amazing presentations, ranging from films to speakers to debates to musicals, all revolving around this year's theme: "peace and war: facing the human conflict." lucky for us, this is JUST the sort of topic that radio producers like to tackle and we've selected a handful of stories that tell the story of opposition* - from the smallest to the gargantuan - in some fairly atypical ways. in other words: this isn't your average collection** of war stories. but you'll just have to come out to hear exactly what i mean.

- "the sounds of conflict"
- saturday, november 11th / 3:30 - 4:30 pm

- chicago cultural center - claudia cassidy theater / 77 E. Randolph
- i think the cost is $5

* now that i think about it, we're not sharing any stories of peace. just conflict. hm...
** i'm actually not sure what YOUR average collection of war stories sounds like.


the beautiful tree photo is by joel meyerowitz.

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