Thursday, November 30, 2006

shortbread and inquiry

two noteworthy discoveries to report, thanks to some downtime at work and the magic of the internet.

firstly: earlier this morning i happened upon a small snack-pack of lorna doone shortbread cookies, which i'd never tried before (and found to be a tasty accompaniment to my green tea breakfast, despite the off-putting packaging and nabisco certification.)

this prompted some musing (so why are they named lorna doone, anyway?) which prompted some "research," which led to finding this question listed as the first subject line in my google search: " Who was Lorna Doone and why does she have a cookie named after her?" astounding, no? i will not reveal the answer here, but if you'd like to know, be my guest. and thanks to cheryl, from fredericksburg, for asking.

secondly: was catching up on old big shed podcasts and listened to one that consisted of field recordings from a very cold camping trip backed by an unobtrusive but helpful guitar melody. followed a bunch of links and ended up at question_the_podcast which offers a perfect mix of experiment, improvisation, melody and noise, with the occasional mud-pit frog, john fahey tribute or unintelligible answering machine message thrown into the mix. turns out that layne garrett's up to all sorts of things, maybe you'd like to know/hear more.

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