Sunday, August 06, 2006

salon perm?

help a few good producers from the UK tell Glasgow about hair:


WANTED: Radio, sound works & audio recordings on the theme of hair & hairdressing of any duration. Hair themed playlists & musical dedications to hairstyles loved and loathed also welcomed.

DETAIL: this FM radio project will broadcast live from Glasgow for one day only. Transmitting to hair workers and their customers - barbers, hairdressers, salons stylists, wigmakers and other coiffed Glasgow listeners.

WHEN: deadline for receipt of work is Sep 29th 2006. The broadcast will take place in the Autumn.

FORMATS: Audio CD is the preferred format. But Dat, Mini Disc, MP3 (please do not send by email) Tape also accepted.

SEND TO: Hairwaves
Flat 2/2, 1088 Argyle Street,
Glasgow G3 8LY


the radio stylists at work on this project are mark vernon and zoe irvine, and both are involved with other fine audio projects:

rescued bits of cassette tape
feature on mark vernon from the third coast festival website

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