Friday, August 04, 2006

the banana-eating bunny

not an audio post, but something i must share with whoever will take the time to download and watch.

if i've seen you in the past week you've probably already watched it, but then you probably have been wanting to see it again.

for others:
have you ever seen a frolicking bunny that is so happy about the banana he's about to eat that he can't stop running around in circles? thought not.

watch hermione eat a banana.


Carla O. said...

Yes bunnies do like bananas. The "dutch" bunny is really cute but I feel so bad for him because it's obvious that he's not being taken care of very well. (see the poop in his food dish and the dirty shed) :(

shapiro said...

au contraire! this bunny is well loved, very happy, and despite the "lived-in" look of his cage, i can attest to the fact that he's in good hands. but thanks for the concern...

gretchel said...

i wonder if my landlord allows bunnies? i liked the commentary on this, js. "oh, joy," etc.