Friday, August 11, 2006

electronic goodness

chicago's in for a treat over the next week. japanese electronic musician (and activist. and documentarian. and explorer of many bright hair colors.) yuko nexus6 will be performing both on wluw's something else, sunday august 13th around 10 pm, and then on august 18th at the elastic space. (you can check out the logan square blue wall/audio installation mentioned a few posts ago on your way over there.)

i saw and listened to yuko give a slide show / music performance last year, based mostly on travels she'd made around the US. it was a memorable experience for ears, eyes and brain, and her enthusiasm / energy was contagious.

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susannah said...

Meme alert (sorta): the word "goodness" seems to be everywhere lately, on the tips of tongues and in print.

I like it.