Wednesday, July 19, 2006

paper towel (mis)adventure

if you happen to find yourself at target, needing a new supply of paper towels because the cat continues to vomit up her hairball maintenance food at least once a day, be forewarned: you can only buy them by the single roll...or by the dozen. or the dozen + three bonus rolls. who even has ROOM to store 15 rolls of paper towels? i know, there are other places to buy paper towels, like at neighborhood corner shops instead of gigantic, corporate big box stores. but there i was.

shopping at target gives me a headache. fuming about my lack of paper towel purchasing options was giving me a real headache, in the middle of which my ears all of a sudden picked up on the song "pyt" by michael jackson. but it wasn't coming out of the store speakers, it sounded like someone had pulled a string attached to a michael jackson doll or action figure, over in the laundry detergent aisle. i did not investigate further.

that's my audio story for today. to recap: i heard 'pyt' by michael jackson coming from a mysterious source while standing, frustrated, in the paper towel aisle at target.

the end.

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sus said...

i too have experienced the bulk-pack frustration at target recently.

during my last visit i was on the hunt for baby gifts. interesting, then, that everywhere i went in the store--which was actually pretty empty--children were screaming, wailing, tantruming...

...oh dear, mid-day at tarjet: it was certainly enough to freak a recently married, *almost* (almost?) baby-ready gal right out.

pretty young things? Well.