Friday, July 28, 2006

madison action

two thirds into the first day of the GRC there's already plenty to reflect upon. which is a good thing, since unfortunately i have to leave tomorrow morning. but before i get into conference / radio stuffs, here's a report of the events leading up to the conference.
this post has nothing to do with audio or radio, it's true.

finally escaped chicago traffic and drove under a variety of stunning skies to arrive in madison just after sunset. joined some old and new friends for dinner (have you ever tasted (or even conceived of) an afghan vegetarin strudel? nor had i, until last night) and then strolled a few blocks to the lake where we witnessed a young couple being arrested for having sex in public (! ). then we walked further to where several dozen ducks were floating nearby forming constellations across the lake's surface. a few hundred yards away some metal band played on a Campus Terrace and i really wonder how the ducks felt about the ruckus. later we stumbled upon a fine old bar called micky's, replete with irish setter heads silhoutted in neon, hanging behind the bar, and ceramic ibexes (ibexi?) lining random shelves around the room.

eventually i made it back to the house where i'd been offered a spare room for the weekend, and where i met a hermione the bunny who roamed freely around the screened-in front porch. he was sitting on the couch when i arrived around 1:30 am, wrinkling up his nose and being VERY cute.

woke up this morning and made it to the conference at a respectable hour and in time to sit lakeside finishing a coffee and blueberry muffin, which i shared with my new duck pal.

as you can see, the trip is already off to a fine start. next up: conference observations.

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