Thursday, July 06, 2006

attention world cup devotees!

the brilliant folks over at
radio educacion have put out a call for the sounds of the final game of the 2006 world cup series. obviously you'll be watching in a loud, empassioned, excitable setting, right? well why not plan to record the event (mp3 format at 128kbps, mono or stereo) and contribute to in this collective, worldwide (football) field recording?

then give your audio over to the sound library that will be posted on line for anyone to peruse through and create their own audio mix of the spectacle. (imagine: the varied sounds of games recorded the world over [slovenia! iceland! peru! katmandu!] in every time zone out there, most likely under the influence of many beers.)
after putting together an original composition from the recordings in the sound library, then you (or anyone) can send your work to mexico where it might be broadcast and included in a compilation called "the ball of babel."

contact or to find out more about how to participate in the babel, either as a recordist or eventual producer.

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