Monday, April 10, 2006

entrance/exit sounds

you know when a friend/recent acquaintance announces that that he/she is moving out to LA / new york to pursue his/her career/dreams/boy/girlfriend and you wish this person the best, but just never know what he/she might find out west/east?

well looks like tim found his niche out in LA, and quickly. (mazel tov, tim!) and now he wants you to send him proposals for sound installations. read on...

a gallery called LAXART is seeking proposals for sound installations for its entryway. featuring looping, extended or ambient works or site specific interpretations of the gallery or the street, installations will be played continuously at monthly intervals. proposals will be reviewed periodically throughout the year, the next deadline is may 20th.

from tim's call for proposals:
"The space - a 100 square foot portal in front of the gallery - consists of two white panel walls, a bisecting ramp and handrail, a large wall of glass and a glass doorway with the LA>

send yr ideas to:

tim ivison
2640 s. la cienega blvd
la ca 90034

tim requests a project statement, cv and cd.

p.s. the door and window above have nothing to do with the LAXART gallery - i just like the image. the entrance potential.

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