Wednesday, April 19, 2006

99 ways to tell a radio story

though i'm inarguably biased, want to let any/everyone know about the 2006 Third Coast Festival ShortDocs: 99 Ways to Tell a Radio Story, because we're so damn excited about it. ("we" being the TCF, which is what i spend most of my waking hours involved with.)

here's the deal. the third coast festival gives you an opening sentence ("To begin with, they never got along."), the descriptions of three sounds (a pre-recorded voice, a rhythmic noise, an exclamation) and a time limit (2min 30sec). You cough up a short audio piece, including those elements, in return. all submissions will be included in a permanent archive online and four will be chosen as the official third coast fesitval shortdocs. the producers of those four will be invited to chicago (expenses paid) to present their work at the annual TCF conference, and their work will be showcased in other ways.

this whole thing's a collaboration with cartoonist matt madden and inspired by the french literary group oulipo. the point is to embrace constraint in artmaking and respond with brilliant creativity. no pressure, just get busy.

here's all you neeed to know about the experiment.

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