Sunday, April 02, 2006

call for phobias

my pal hillary frank, a YA novelist whose books you should check out despite your probable post-YA status, is writing a book about phobias. she's also tackling the subject via radio and wants to hear about phobias of all stripes - from the more common (spiders, heights) to less usual ones (balloons, lee press-on nails.)

if you've got a phobia to share then let her know:
- what it is
- where it came from

- what you do to avoid it

keep in mind - a fear is only a phobia if it's irrational and you take great measures to avoid it. we're not talking aversions or dislikes here. we can do that some other time.

also keep in mind - if you participate you'll be sharing your phobia with a bajillion people across the country, via the magic of the national airwaves.

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