Friday, March 24, 2006

one person's bboorrriiiing / another person's treasure

it's no secret that found objects, notes or personal belongings provide a certain intrigue, mostly harmless, often unsatiable, about the person who did the losing. often found materials call the finder to action, inspiring some sort of response or documentation. this is exactly what happened when brad (from canada) found a lonely cassette at a garage sale, and shared its contents with adam (from the uk). the result? the mothers' day project.

on the cassette was a man giving instructions to his kids on how to use their computer. in the middle of instruction he begins to scold them for not having sent their mother a present for mothers' day. he then carries on with instruction, which is taped over a few weeks' duration, until he apologizes for his outburst as a present has indeed arrived for dear mom. (maybe the post was just slow.)

brad found the cassette and sent the audio to adam
, who sampled phrases from the tape and fashioned two songs from the the samples - one showcasing the father's outburst, the other his apology. the result is beautiful, and a somehow very gentle eavesdropping into the life of an anonymous family we'll never know anything more about. have a listen, though be warned, it's a bit heartbreaking...

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