Friday, December 02, 2005

(the best) tv (ever) on the radio (sort of)

if you know me then you know that i'm not a big tv-watcher, (i even had one of these on my car back in my politically-charged (or so i thought) college days in colorado) and can rarely keep up with those conversations about the latest cable-generated-weekly-sitcom-with-integrity. i hear a lot of "i know you don't like tv, but you'd REALLY like this series!" and usually i agree that yes, maybe i would, then make some noise about eventually renting the dvds, and that's that.

if you've talked with me in the past three months however, then you probably also know that i finally made good on my threat and watched both seasons of 'the office' AND the holiday special over the course of a couple weeks and became, almost four years after the fact, an annoyingly obsessed fan of the show.

which is why i was so overjoyed to receive some great news yesterday (thanks wilcox) - the fine folks behind 'the office' (ricky gervais and writing partner stephen merchant) are starting a weekly podcast on 'the guardian unlimited." and it starts monday december 5th!! that's so soooon!! it's the best news ever, and i am very pleased to share it with you. (though given my track record with these things, chances are you probably already know.)

update - here's the address to subscribe to the podcast - i'm downloading episode #1 as i type this!!! :


Pejk said...

wow, thanks for the tip! can't wait to hear that podcast!

Bruno Bolisarte said...

While I have yet to see The Office, I really empathize with that strange closeness one can get from obsessively watching a TV show on DVD. Spending virtual hours with a group of people who are evolving (at least, in the smart ones), without the distraction of commercials, in the dark, makes me feel like I have a secret life. I watch with headphones too, which amplifies the intimacy. And ultimately it feels ridiculous to talk about it to the outside world...

Gretchen said...

Downloading this podcast now...(You must see "The Office : Special", too, you know. (It ties up all of the loose ends).

Excellent. Now I'm all set to go to work with Ricky Gervais on my 'pod.