Tuesday, November 29, 2005

free sound!

looking for that perfect sound snippet of a thunderstorm, cranky meow or boiling water? better yet, looking for a home for your own audio snippets of thunderstorms, cranky meows or boiling water?

then check out
the freesound project, an ever-growing collection of recorded sounds that are offered up for anybody's use through a creative commons license. basically you can download sounds to your heart's content, or upload as many samples as you want, to share with others. freesound is an especially remarkable and important resource given the antiquated and tiresome copyright laws governing intellectual property these days.

there's a particularly nice sounding bell on the site that i like a lot, or maybe you'd prefer to listen to some hens right now. but don't just log on to listen to or download sounds, you should consider contributing some of your own audio treasures to the mix. the site's creators are working steadily toward the goal of posting 20,000 audio files to the site before 2,000,000 files are downloaded by visitors, so stop by and get busy uploading...

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