Monday, December 12, 2005

so far, so texas

here's a list of some 'sounds of texas,' or more accurately 'sounds heard while traveling to and spending a day in texas,' compiled in houston near the end of my first day here.

1. a man's cough, painfully contained and self-conscious, every two minutes. (this was on the plane, provided by the passenger to my right.)

2. cat-calling whistle, triggered by a motion sensor and coming from a white, stufffed animal gorilla, at this amazing 'five and dime' store called variety fair where we spent about an hour walking up and down crammed, dusty aisles filled with just about any and everything you can imagine. latch hook kit depicting noah's ark? check. blown glass dreidels? check. very eager-to-help proprietor? check. necco wafers? check.

3. the sound of stillness, absorbed during a several-minute-sit in the rothko chapel, (floor plan pictured above - it's worth clicking on to see more details) and then the sound of footsteps trying very hard to not sound like anything at all, when the docent tiptoed over to assure me that since it was only myself and my friends in the chapel it was ok that i was laying down on one of the eight wooden benches, staring at the ceiling...but if anybody else entered the room, would i please sit up?

what would [do] rothko's paintings sound like, anyway?


Mike said...

Rothko's paintings sound like low, pulsating oscillations, the flow of blood in your ears.

susannah said...

necco wafers!