Thursday, August 11, 2005

vacant city radio

sound artist / accordionist / and basically all-inspiring humanoid anna friz can really make radio static sing. i've known anna for a few years now, and her work, which incorporates ideas ranging from the sounds inbetween stations on the dial to the people living inside the radios making those sounds (where else do you think they come from?) is consistently beautiful, often hypnotic (spooky even!) and always provocative in just the right way.

her piece vacant city radio aired on kunstradio earlier this spring, (kunstradio = art radio [literally] and is an amazing show on the national radio organization in austria - the ORF) and will also air in berlin this winter. about the piece anna writes:

"I am interested in these moments of transition between the monumental past and the generic present, particularly in the context of the relatively young cities of North America. Vacant City Radio considers ebbs in place and memory through ephemeral sonic and radiophonic representations of city, through low-watt transmissions of lost sounds manifesting in the dark corners of the dial.

the studio version of vacant city radio floats through three movements in a sojourn across remembered and radiophonic urban spaces.

not all radio delivers information through text or narration, rather for some broadcasts, the experience is the information. to this end, may i suggest you find some quiet time, plug in your headphones and get thee to the vacant city!!


guile said...

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