Tuesday, August 09, 2005

free movies for the ears

if you've always wanted to book or host a listening event, specifically one featuring strange sounds and music, weird field recordings and psychedelic musical interludes combined into one hour long crazy story resembling a post 9/11 verison of kafka's 'the trial'... well now's your chance. the new free matter for the blind release, psicklops, will be released and effectively tour the world on september 24, and you're invited to not only Get in the Van, but to also Be the Venue.

here's how, according to someone deeply in the know who's taller than you might think:

"email free matter for the blind before August 15th (SOON!) if you are interested. Mention where (city) you would want to do it, and what your general idea is. You don't have to be very specific. A few sentences will be fine."

and as soon as you've sent this inquiring email, you'll probably want to start hunting for comfortable bean bag chairs immediately...

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