Sunday, August 21, 2005

the sound around

believe you me, i've been listening to a lot of radio documentaries lately. which is why stumbling across the canadian broadcasting corporation's series the wire was a nearly transformative experience - despite all of the new stories in my head, my ears are still ringing from it. the series spans eight hours, all of which explore the impact of electricity on music, and is simply put --> some of the most memorable radio i've ever heard, excelling in both form (beautiful production) and function (it's informative and deeply experiential.)

the wire's website is down right now, due to a 'labour disruption' up north, but i urge urge urge you to check back until it's back up and running. you won't be able to hear the programs online (many samples of copyrighted music complicate the situation, as far as permissions issues) but there's a ton of information about the people and music featured in each show (including...john cage, steve reich, dj spooky, lawrence lessig, amon tobin, kid koala, les paul, bob moog) and there's even a nifty (and informative, to boot) interactive timeline outlining milestones in the history of electricity's impact on music.

in the meantime, if you want to actually HEAR some of it and read an interview with one of the producers responsible for bringing the series to life, we're featuring the wire over at third coast festival HQ, and have posted two 15 minute excerpts from the programs. treat yourself, if possible through headphones, and then if the spirit (or the radio) moves you to, check back in here, and let us know what you think...

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