Friday, March 21, 2008

radio ephemera

after months of planning, we've just announced this year's tcf audio challenge - radio ephemera. it's a collaboration with the mighty prelinger library and we have high hopes for hearing bucketfuls of sparkling new audio gems inspired by the project.

we're asking folks to produce short (2:30 - 3 min) audio stories inspired by two of five books pre-selected by the prelingers, and including the voice of a stranger. further info: you can see beautiful images of the books' covers and listen to a piece i made explaining more and pondering the question 'what exactly IS ephemera?'. [apologies for the less than pristine phone tape.]

if you're the type that needs an incentive to get you going... we'll pick our four favorite submissions and invite those producers, [cue echoey game show announcer voice] "all expenses paid," to chicago to present your radio ephemera at this year's TCF conference. we'll broadcast those four and others on our weekly show re:sound, and will present them at listening events around the world. we'll keep your work archived permanently on the TCF website. and if that's not enough to tip your scale, consider this... (and why not bring back that announcer voice....) you'll go down in the annals of Radio History!!!

did that get your heartrate up? good. we're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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