Tuesday, March 04, 2008

end sounds

in the mood for stories about the apocalypse? (who isn't?)

you're in luck. tomorrow night (march 5th) the rec room and literago.org are co-presenting an evening of stories inspired by the end of the world, at the black rock bar (corner of damen and addison, in chicago)

i've made a seven-ish minute audio work for the occasion, which will be presented along with some appropriate candy. (any guesses?) it's not so much about a/the coming apocalypse, as about collective memory of a 25-year old depiction of obliteration. and about the quirk of memory. and about the power of tv. and about cheese fondue.

fun starts at 8 pm. (b.y.o.skewer)

update: if you care to listen...is this an exercise?
(you'll have to sign up but it's free, and you probably should anyway.)

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Mark Schoneveld said...

I'm ALWAYS in the mood for stories about the apocalypse. :) Too bad I'm not in Chi-Town.