Sunday, September 30, 2007


after quite a hiatus i'm excited to announce that LISSENUP is back, with some slight changes. if you have no idea what LISSENUP is (besides the name of this blog) read about it here.

what's the same:
it's still a potluck, it's still about deliberate listening, it's still free, it's still good, clean fun.

what's different: location, content, size

come meet new people, enjoy fine snacks and drinks, and listen to a variety of Neat Things. four or five guests will be asked (beforehand) to bring some audio to share (a beloved song, the cassette recording of your bat mitzvah you recently found at the back of the junk drawer in your parents' kitchen, recordings of african wildebeestes - sky's the limit) and each time i'll pick something too. given the new location, i'll sadly have to limit each gathering to 25.

- Sunday, October 21
- 7 - 9:30 pm

- rsvp here and i'll send you details about where to come, etc.

it makes me super happy to be starting LISSENUP back up -

i've missed it, and it's missed you.

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