Friday, September 21, 2007

eleventh hour

you know how you're always grumbling about how tedious and conservative public radio sounds?

yes, YOU. well you only have until midnight, THIS sunday the 23rd to cast your vote in the fourth and final round of the
public radio talent quest. from 1400+ original entries, it's down to 5 semi-finalists. the judges have selected 3 of the 5 to be full-finalists, but the peoples' choice is still unwritten, and could replace one of the judges' picks. at this point every vote counts toward that one, believe me you. so let this be an official nudge to get over there, spend half an hour listening and then decide who you think should get $10,000 (and a mentor) to produce an hour-long pilot for a new public radio show.

maybe you'll get what you've been hoping for (on the public radio airwaves) out of this?! maybe.


Anonymous said...

Personally? It's going to be April, Glynn and Al. The others are just not quite there. And considering the tactics of getting overseas votes and multiple users for one of them... well, if that's winning by cheating, it's not REALLY winning. So go vote and get some variety on public radio!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Rebecca is creating multiple user accounts and Chris is sneakily conscripting foreigners? If you've been following the contest, you'd realize that Rebecca just has a huge pre-existing following from her popular podcast, and Chris had a pre-existing work commitment outside the US. Neither of these circumstances constitute cheating in any way.