Sunday, January 28, 2007

story plus

some stories make for excellent print articles. and some excellent print articles make for excellent-er multimedia presentations, complete with visual and audio complement. david gonazalez's house afire series, about a small pentecostal church housed behind a simple storefront in new york, is a great example of how audio can help tell a story in a way that photos and written words can't. though the article itself is illuminating and full of vivid descriptions, after hearing the voices of the congregants - from the youths to the minister - singing, praying and talking about their experiences with the church, you have an even clearer, more emotional sense of this small community that gonzalez documented so well. i highly recommend that you take the time to absorb all of it. thanks to producer juliet gorman for pointing me to the series...

(photo by NYT photographer angel franco)

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