Monday, January 15, 2007

short films / dance bands

we like to talk about how audio stories are like 'films for your mind.' but sometimes you just want a good old ' 'film for their eyeballs.' or maybe a handful of short films, from around the world, for your eyeballs. that's where the chicago short film brigade steps in. come out this week for the premiere of this premier short film-slingin' series.

it's thursday, january the 18th, at the
hideout (yes, there again. such a stronghold of chicago culture) starting around 8:30. the brigade beckons: "Nothing better on a winter’s night than some cozy company, hot popcorn and huge variety of international short films." and it's hardly arguable, especially now that it's acting like winter here.

and while i'm busy shouting out about loved ones' doings...AFTER the brigade show, consider sharing a cab over to
schuba's for the occidental brothers dance band international (african/jazz/dance) / alla (latin/pschedelic/soul) show. don't forget to get your nap on earlier, so you're up for the big night out on the town.

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