Thursday, December 28, 2006

the time is nigh

maybe over the past few years you've heard about the low-power fm radio movement, but have never really quite gotten the gist of it? well here's a force for good that will not only help you understand more, but may even get you thinking about how you, yes you, can get tangled up in the airwaves. the radio for people coalition is made up of prometheus radio, the national federation of community broadcasters, pacifica radio and public radio capital.

there's an especially good reason to learn more about LPFM right now: the FCC is opening a ONE WEEK LONG licensing window for new public radio stations in early 2007, which it hasn't done since 2000. this is major! this is historical! this means that interested parties will have just one week to submit applications in support of their stations. even if you're not sure about getting directly involved, radio for people can use your help in other ways - with donations, by sending emails to media organizations and other potential allies, and by helping organize an effort already under way near you.

what better way to start off the new year than by helping bring a new radio station on-air?

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