Thursday, December 07, 2006

she's listening

ok it's seeming like all i had to do was whine a little bit about radio/audio not being taken seriously by the media and the next thing i know, news about sound and radio is popping up all over the place. so be it!

recently the chicago tribune ran an involved feature story about audio zealot jesse seay, and the project she's been organizing over the past few months, which i wrote about a while ago: your favorite chicago sounds.

there's also a flash slide show which scrolls through a few photos of jesse and a variety of noisy creatures she encountered in a day's recording session around chicago, as the actual recordings offer a soundtrack behind the images. it's kind of ironic - the fancy visual accompaniment to the story about an audiophile. but all of the respect and attention paid to jesse and her project is well-deserved, and very satisfying to see so prominently displayed in the tribune.

by the way, if you have a favorite chicago sound to share, or are dying to know which sounds others find so pleasing (as you might imagine there are a lot of mentions of the el, and the ice cream trucks, and lake-related noises, but some less predictable choices too: 'millions of different pronounciations of the word Goethe' and 'the howling man at damen/north/division' ) you can take care of all of these things right here.

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