Wednesday, July 20, 2005

competitive model horse collecting

yes, it exists (all around you, i promise) and yes i got a bit swept up in learning all about it. this resulted in the making of a twenty minute audio piece eventually called "are there any more rare, plastic ponies?" which has been played on the radio (june 19) but will also be presented, live (the way i always imagined it should be shared), on july 29 around 8 pm at mess hall, in rogers park, as part of the open source/open ear two-week sound extravaganza happening there. a couple of my other audio pieces will also be "screened," TRT - 'bout fifty minutes.

listen to 'are there any more rare, plastic ponies?'

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Anonymous said...

I have at least one horse. It's stuck in one of the vents on my truck dashboard. But it is a good horse.

Hi Julie!