Monday, July 25, 2005

the best sounding tool in the shed...

as noted at the very beginning of this blog, there isn't much (read: any) audio to be found on it. yet. perhaps this will change one day. in the meantime there are many many many blogs out there that actually _do_ post / podcast audio. one that's wholly dedicated to this, and this alone is big shed, presented by the indiefeed project. if you've been hearing all about That Podcasting Phenomenon but haven't yet taken the plunge, here's a perfect starting point. directions within.

full disclosure - big shed's founder, the generous and keenly audio-minded shea shackleford, invited me to contribute near the beginning of the project, and i was very honored to do so. so if you've always wanted to hear a seventeen minute soundscape about public parks in chicago / audio homage to ice cream trucks, now's your chance.

p.s. the subject of this post, though simply meant to capture attention/interest while referring somewhat obtusely to the content within does in fact beg the question: what might be the best sounding tool in the shed??


dw said...

push reel mower -- no doubt about it.

and it makes fantastic coleslaw.

-- neighbor

sjf said...

i'm going to be obvious and suggest the saw.

shapiro said...

myself, i've always liked the notch-ity sounding crank of the ratchet wrench. yeah.

shea said...

thanks for the supernice post, julie. we loved having you at big shed.

as for the best sound in the shed, i'm thinking the "thk ... thk ... thk ... thk ... thk ... thk ... thk ... thk ... t'ka t'ka t'ka t'ka t'ka t'ka ... thk ... thk ... thk ..." of that thing you attach to the end of the hose to water the lawn.

shapiro said...

hrm. maybe i should start another blog, all about how different sounds look spelled out?

(my pleasure to share the shed with others.)