Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello, old friend

Goodness. It's been awhile. I've been _pretty_ good about putting a new song up on my other bloggy thing, Gallopinging, every week - but admittedly, LISSENUP has suffered in the past year or so, as many other distractions have claimed my time, brain, ears. Against all odds though, I've been making radio! Two stories have gotten some decent circulation - in Chicago on Third Coast's Re:sound, on APM's The Story, and on the BBC's Something Understood.

I've been honored for all of it, and hope it's not too long before the next story spills out. In the meantime, have a listen if the spirit moves you:

Dear Z, my audio love letter to a superhorse. Once a horse girl...

Yours Truly - another letter-centric program that muses on letter-writing through the lens of a long correspondence I had with a very special person, and including audio postcards from Rick Moody and Simon Roche (The Radio Post) and an amazing essay on letter-writing by Lewis Carrroll.

That's all for now. Very soon a lot of new sounds will fill the house, and am guessing I'll be musing about them in due time.


jackie4406 said...

Glad your back ;]

RuneScapeMC said...

Nice to see you back! If you could, check out my blog:

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