Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Loose Horse in the Valley

I may be able to pull off this one song a week impulse, after all. 

Know how sometimes you just stumble across something and 
immediately just... knowPosted a new suggestion to gallopinging v.2 on Sunday - Sam Amidon's "How Come That Blood." It's from his new record "I See the Sign" - which I feel like I've been listening to for decades. It references Bessie Jones, and to mears borrows from Nick Drake and Palace Bros and Carter Family, and somethings way older, and somethings brand new. [Though they may have all borrowed from the same place.]

It's repetitive, and dark with occasional sparkle, and seemingly simple, and sometimes religious and mostly reworkings of traditional songs. It's much easier to listen to this record, than write about it. You can find it

Hey Chicagoans: Sam Amidon is
playing this Friday at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Yes, I will be there, and yes, afterwards we will walk down the block for delicious frozen treat.

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Steve Shepherd said...

saw Sam at the Greenman festival in Wales last year (2010). Magical stuff and the last two CDs are wonderful - new and old in the best possible ways.