Saturday, May 15, 2010

Third Ear Sessions

As mentioned, I've been in Copenhagen collaborating with the Third Ear - an independent pod/vid/rad(io)/culturecast that's making beautiful work about all sorts of things. The site and podcast are mostly in Danish so it's a bit hard (ok, impossible) to fully appreciate each episode - there are seven so far. But there's a lot to _look_ at already, and the plan is to incorporate more English in upcoming episodes, including a Third Coast-centric episode soon. We're honored.

Besides the storytelling, TE is also busy recording single-song performances by musicians - the "Sessions." (One mic, one camera, one take.) So far they're working in two locations - a submarine (!) and the historically astonishing Vega club in KBH. I've been sharing some of these songs on, back in Chicago, but had the good luck to actually tag along for the most recent Sessions recording at Vega, featuring the Danish band Twins Twins. After about 30 minutes of fussing, testing levels, moving lights around and the re-positioning of rocker boys, the recording started and everything went quiet, intimate, mesmerizing. By the end I was already hooked on the song - Catherine Leaves - and so must certainly point you straight to the Session to check it out yourself.

More about these Third Ear peeps, and Adventures in Finland, coming up.

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