Sunday, April 25, 2010


In case you haven't heard (forgiven) there's a race horse out there who has captured the hearts of racing fans and racing non-fans (that's me) alike. Firstly - she's a she. Also - Zenyatta is taller and broader than most race horses, older than usual (just turned 6 on 4/01), and more to the point - has won every race she's run - all 16. Sixteen! Remarkable!

Plus Zenyatta's evidently somewhat of a goofball - which makes her that much more crush-worthy. You can easily find hundreds of videos of her - drinking Guinness, "dancing", coming behind from dead last to win a big race and my new favorite - a Zenyatta / Lady GaGa mash-up.
Well, it's my second favorite. It's actually this video that I can't stop watching - especially from around 3:52 to 6:34. And in fact I enjoy just listening to it, as much as watching. Wind + hoofbeats + occasional murmuring from jockey = music to my ears.

So I recommend you start the video and then shrink the screen, and just listen. A few times.  Every day. (And watch every once in awhile - it's music to my eyes, too.)

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