Tuesday, March 16, 2010


That's me. Because i've been pointing, inviting, linking, insisting, reminding, introducing and yes, obssessing, everywhere/when/how else except here.

But hey! No time like the present to make amends. The Third Coast f launched a new website last weekend. Have a look, will ya? But keep in mind we're in beta mode - still working on several many things. So feel free to offer some feedback. And be sure to release the pigeons...

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Tim Halbur said...

ha! I had completely forgotten your post by the time I went to check out the site, so had the awesome experience of thinking, "huh? Release the pigeons?" Really nice.

Site as a whole looks great, and works well. Nicely arranged, everything makes sense. Only thing I can possibly see that I would hope for is the ability to fast-forward the audio. It would be handy, particularly for back episodes of the show when I want to hear one particular piece.

Nice work! yer pal T