Wednesday, February 03, 2010

megapolis seeks new blood

Have an audio-y performance, presentation, installation, workshop or spectacle up your sleeve that's ready for the world? You're in luck. The fine folks over at Megapolis are accepting proposals until Feburary 14th (very romantic!) for the 2010 MegapoHappening, scheduled for May 14-16 in Baltimore. Extra points for all ideas that jive with this year's theme of transport.

[Maybe it's finally time for me to resurrect the Pony Express and stash a recorder in my mail pouch. I'd hit these guys up for sponsorship, straightaway.]

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gina said...

Fun topic. I just started keeping this blog about the sound of Paris, and transport is my first theme, though I am just beginning to do this. Oh hi, btw, Jenna told me to say hi, hope all is well...gk