Thursday, December 31, 2009

why there's a cat?

The last day of 2009 finds me at the top of the country, two miles west of Copper Harbor, MI, spending a few days with N. at an incredible house filled with antique dolls and taxidermied animals. Our cell phones are useless up here, but the internet connection's dependable. We've spent hours and hours in pajamas, tying up loose ends with work and projects.

In between chunks of online time we've been snowshoeing, dashing out to the sauna and back, drinking tea, snacking on leftover Christmas cookies and plowing through season 5 of LOST. Not a bad way to transition into the new year.

My favorite NY greeting this year came from pals over in Moscow, whose
Podstansiya website/ podcast is a totally singular - and important - destination for independent Russian radio/audio work, and public forums about media, the arts, and culture. The greeting is a short essay/poem by a young father, inspired by questions from his son and scored with rowdy electric guitar. And I'm happily taking the liberty to pass it along to you.

Now it's time to hit the snowshoe trails. All good things in 2010, to everyone!

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T-Bone said...

Funny, we were just in a cabin up in the snow catching up on Season 5 of LOST as well!

Miss you, all the best in the new year.

yer pal T